Gateway management in the cloud. With edge computing to IoT enabler.

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About AIT Smart Edge

We understood, that many cloud platforms are not suitable for most use cases. Therefore we offer with our AIT Smart Edge a set of building blocks that you can use to extend or to integrate fully into your IoT platform or use it to serve as a starting point to build your own platform. AIT Smart Edge accelerates your IIoT project by providing non-differentiating functions out of the box.

So in the end, you can offer one seamless solution to your customers.

From Edge to Cloud - We got you covered!

Protecting Shield

Hardware-based cryptography and data encryption let you keep a secure connection between edge and cloud.

Connected Cloud

Cloud Control
Change software configuration or patch the OS, everything is possible from the cloud​.

Modular Solution

Add new features to the cloud or the edge. No limitations set!


Out-of-the box features save precious time and accelerate your time to market.

How does it work?

how it works graphhow it works graph

Multi-Cloud Support

​Integrate easily with any of the cloud providers we support. AWS IoT Core, ADAMOS, Azure IoT Hub or Azure IoT Central – you’re free to choose.

Gateway connected to multiple cloud platforms

Multi-tenancy out of the box

Fully support your customers.
Visualize and manage tenant relationships and role-based access control.

Connected companies and operators

Custom workloads

Create and deploy specific workloads for your customers in the form of Docker containers.

Roll out workloads to multiple Gateways

Monitor and update

Keep on track with your devices. Install upgrades or update the OS. All from the cloud.

Monitor and manage

We speak industry standards

Connect any number of servers using standard protocols like OPC UA, Modbus, IO-Link and many more.​

Connected World

Data Magic

Aggregate data from multiple devices into one stream. Split one source into multiple streams and send to one of the many supported cloud providers.

Gateways connected to different cloud platforms

Freedom to act

The code is yours. The infrastructure and the application are deployed automatically. You are free to modify and extend the way you want to – no strings attached!

You lead the journey

Need something more specific? No problem!

Our Edge-Modules run on top of the Azure IoT Edge Runtime and can be easily integrated with other modules that are specifically tailored for your use-case.
This way you can run AI or analytic workloads on your own modules directly on the Edge. Offline capability with automatic synchronisation allows seamless service even on rarely to the cloud connected devices.

module structure

Still not convinced?

Watch this video to learn more about how AIT Smart Edge enables you to digitize your factory.

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Start with IoT today

The IIoT process should be understood as an incremental and iterative process model. Each individual step, as well as the entire process, can be repeated as often as required. In this way, the IoT solution can be expanded step by step. This procedure thus allows continuous evaluation of the results, low investment hurdles, and a fast time-to-market.

Learn everything you need in a day

The IIoT process is a dynamic process that involves a deep understanding of the underlying concepts. If the phrases IoT, Industry 4.0 and digitalisation sound interesting to you, but you have little knowledge of what they really are and what benefits come with them, we offer you the opportunity to come and sit with us to talk, discuss and try IoT in our IoT in a Day workshop.

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Kickstart IIoT with our PoC

We show you how to connect your machine or equipment to Azure IoT Central through OPC UA. Configure which data to send from the OPC UA server to the cloud. Visualise, monitor and evaluate data in dashboards. With the help of the PoC you will lay the foundations for your individual IoT scenarios.

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Use AIT Smart Edge at your organisation

Using the AIT Smart Edge as a basis, you get a lot of functionality out of the box, that enable you to reach IoT faster.

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